For years now playing casino games and smoking cigarettes or cigars have a pretty much-gone hand in hand. People who visit a casino know beforehand that there may be somebody sitting right next to them who is smoking. There are more and more regulations, or at temps and regulations, to prevent smoking within brick-and-mortar casinos.

Some casinos are combating this by creating nonsmoking rooms reserved only for those who do not wish two breathe in cigarette smoke. It doesn’t matter for most though since casinos are still prominent in the top revenue lists. Still, many others choose to stay home and play online where they don’t have to deal with it at all. However, should you choose to go to a casino and play in the main rooms where smoking is allowed, you should be prepared and not do something silly like asking someone to stop.

The online casino world could be gaining more popularity because people who don’t like cigarette smoke are staying home to play. Of course, this is also true for smokers as well. They appreciate the fact that they can play at home and smoke and not have to worry about offending anyone or reading their smoke around other people.

Time will tell whether or not smoking regulations in brick-and-mortar casinos are actually going to come about but as of right now people are allowed to smoke in most online casinos around the country. There are some that have banned it completely but they are very few. Some would argue that if smoking was not allowed at all the brick-and-mortar casino industry would take a hard hit.

To some, it may seem a little silly to quibble over whether or not smoking should be allowed, but to others, it is a very big deal. They may decide not to wager at a facility that does not allow them to smoke.

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