This site serves as a guide to everything that has to do with online gaming. An important part is our reviews. We review each new casino in detail and then present our comments in exhaustive casino reviews. To make it easier to find the right one, you can read our reviews and compare casinos. Take a closer look at the points that are most important to you and do not miss to see the fine print. Whether you are trying out a new gaming site for the first time or putting your teeth into a game previously unknown to you, it is always smart to start small with small stakes.

It is therefore a good idea to take the time to choose which site or sites to try on. The chance that you will be richly rewarded by going more or less all-in is of course there, but it is unnecessary to risk both cash and mood before you are warm in your clothes. We especially recommend games with small stakes when trying out new slots. You then get a soft start. You can see how a game works and what features are available without risking so much. Another very important tip in the same spirit as above is to keep your wallet.

What does this mean then? Well, in short, it’s about you being comfortable with your bets. This applies to both how much you deposit and how much you play per round. That you should not gamble with money you can not afford to risk is a matter of course. That you should not bet larger parts of the game cash per game round is another. You get maximum entertainment if you see your online casino deposits as money you would otherwise have spent on other entertainment. For example, if you opt out of a cinema visit or a night out to play instead, feel free to choose a deposit that corresponds to the price tag for the pleasure you opt out of.

When it comes to the size of the stakes, there is a clear basic rule among professional players in gambling. It says that the stakes should amount to a maximum of 3% of the cash register. For example, if you have in the gaming account, you should not bet more than per game. Maybe this basic rule suits you, maybe you should even play for less than 3% per round. If you play for larger stakes, there is a risk that during a gaming session when you have not moved (these will happen sooner or later) you will see your gaming cashier at a furious pace.

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